About Us 

Interpreting the planetary celestial rhythms relative to your life, Lovejoy is able to clarify that which is unclear; reveal that which is hidden; and assist you in understanding that you can "consciously" align yourself with the reality of your own life. She offers her services to you from the depth of her soul to her highest star.

"Keep Love In Your Heart"

Education and Experience:

  • Astrological Certification - Faculty of Astrological Studies, London England 2003
  • Comprehensive Astrological Course - Astrological Institute, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Astrological Interpretation - Time Navigators, Atlanta, GA
  • Member of International Society of Astrological Research (ISAR),
  • Column Writer "Cosmic Rhythms" - Venus Magazine, New York
  • Astrology Instructor - Mesa Community College, Mesa, AZ
  • AS / BS in Psychology still in progress
  • Universal Life Church Minister, 2015
  • Educator, Healer and Empath

Personal Services:  Donations Only 

  • Adults - Address all aspects of life, including life purpose, career, and intimacy.
  • Birth Charts for your newborn and growing children.
  • Personal and Business Relationships
  • Partnerships all of types may be addressed
  • Pet Astrology, all pets welcome!

* Consultations require Birth Date, Birth Place, and Birth Time. Please include this information
in 'Comments' section when submitting Contact Information.

Zelle payments: [email protected] 

* We are here to serve, to guide and to love. When utilizing our life coaching and astrological services, our clients acknowledge that the subjects discussed are upon their request and we are not a Licensed Psychological Professional or Accountant. Our clients acknowledge that they maintain full responsibility for their decisions 

and actions thereafter.